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Don’t Blow Your Top; How to Avoid Low Clearances – Guest Post

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If you’ve ever come across a low clearance, then you know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you’ll need to cross your fingers and hope you can “squeeze” under, or figure out a detour.  This week, we’re joined by Jon Mills from LowClearances.com on tips to avoid this costly trip expense.


The journey in any RV has its challenges, and those terrible accidents we often see or hear about unfortunately don’t just happen to other people. Of course we never set out to be complacent, but sometimes events just unravel in a way you can never predict.

In our experience we have seen too many times how a loss of concentration, a simple distraction, or a
combination of unexpected bad weather and a forced diversion has resulted in disaster. This is especially true at night, so please don’t let this happen to you.

To help combat this problem, LowClearances.com created ‘Route-1’. Route-1 is a Low Clearance Avoidance System, with a highly accurate Points of Interest (POI) database designed specifically to integrate with your navigation system.

Because Route-1 includes alerts on and off the major routes, it’s perfect for RV drivers. It covers a wide range of heights from as low as 5’6″ all the way up to 15’11” under railroad bridges, overpasses, & pedestrian walkways. The database also has alerts for covered bridges, truss bridges, and even tunnels. So by using Route-1, you will significantly reduce the chances of hitting a low bridge, improve your safety, and be able to relax and enjoy your drive so much more.

The Route-1 database is huge (More than 5000 for USA, & over 750 for Canada)

Our research has uncovered:

  • There are an estimated 5,000 low hazard collisions in the USA each year causing over 100 million
    dollars’ worth of damage to public and personal property.
  • Every year there are approximately 1000 injuries and 5 fatalities in strike incidents, not to mention
    that the fines for damaging a bridge are huge.
  • There are still too many unmarked low clearances out there, and many signs have become too dirty,          obscured or faded to read properly, particularly at night or in heavy rain, snow, mist or fog.
  • No matter how rigorously you plan your journey even the most experienced drivers can get caught
    out, especially after a diversion when you’re likely to be distracted.
  • Dealing with the aftermath of a big accident is one of the biggest stresses a driver can face.


Take a look at the top ten reasons why you should get Route-1:

1. Ease of use
.  It can be used while you’re driving whereas truckers atlases cannot. 
It also has custom designed POI symbols to give higher clarity
allowing you to make decisions faster.

2. Sheer size
. The POI database is by far the largest available. In addition to the
 major routes, it covers towns, cities, and rural areas. Other
databases cover the major routes only.

3. Personal customization. 
Set it to suit the height of your vehicle, and adjust the audio
alert to sound at any distance you choose.

4. Versatility
.It can be used as a warning system while you’re on the move, and as
an avoidance tool when planning your route. Particularly important
to those still unfamiliar with their vehicle, or RVers who rent.

5. High accuracy
. Our location coordinates and clearance heights are checked using
several different resources to ensure peak precision.

6. Compatibility
. Can be used with most GPS and mapping systems.
7. Up-to-date information
You get regular delivery of our latest database of new locations,
height modifications, or deletions. We are notified of any changes
from many different sources including our driver community which we
then confirm.

8. User friendliness
. Simple and clear download and installation instructions to get you
up and running as quickly as possible. With online customer support.

9. Convenience
. Member’s page providing you with a practical way to access your
downloads, updates, and more.

10. Pure value. 
Any smart driver shouldn’t be without it.

So to summarize, you will get the biggest, most accurate low clearance databases for USA & Canada ever created
.  More than 5000 locations across the US. (Over 750 for Canada.)

Route optimization to save time and fuel
,clear audible and visual alerts
, increased driver confidence and reduced stress
.  The ability to plan safer routes
, customizable settings to the height of your vehicle
.  Simple installation instructions
. Regular updates to the database

. As you can see, ‘Route-1’ is an essential tool for all RV drivers.

So to find out more, visit http://www.lowclearances.com and get your copy now.

Safe driving,


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July’s FtF Explorer of the Month

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Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Each month, one of our Fulltime Families Explorers is named “Explorer of the Month”. This Explorer has demonstrated a commitment to the program and is making consistent progress in earning badges through achievements that support the FtF Explorers Motto: To foster strong family values, leadership, creativity, safety awareness, community spirit and individual exploration.

This month’s Explorer of the Month is Blaise Travaglino!  To date, Blaise has earned 16 badges (an FtF Explorer must earn 24 of 36 available badges to move up ranks).

Along side his siblings Dominick, Antonia and DJ (also FtF Explorers), Blaise has most recently earned his History Detective Badge by visiting a place of historical significance and writing a poem, song or play about the experience.


Here is his poem about a recent field trip to Mackinac Island:

Blaise’s History Detective Badge Poem:

One sunny day, we went to Mackinac Island by boat;
In my backpack, I had a bottle with a note.

We had a picnic of pizza in the park;
while above use the cannons were lit with a spark.

There are no cars allowed on the street;
so we had to get around with our feet.

We climbed the stairs to the bluff;
it was tiring and rough.

The fudge was gooey and sweet
and delicious to eat.

The island is in the middle of a great lake.
Now it’s time to go home, my feet ache.

Here’s a video of him launching a message in a bottle in Lake Huron

We are so proud of Blaise and all his accomplishments to date!  We look forward to all the new badges he’ll be earning down the road!  Blaise will receive an limited edition “Explorer of the Month” kit in his mailbox shortly.

Fulltime-Families-Explorers-Logo-FinalIf you are interested in enrolling your child in the Fulltime Families Explorers Program, you can find all the details here: http://fulltimefamilies.com/explorer/

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Roadschool Moms Takeover the Disney Princess 5K

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It’s official, the Roadschool Moms (and dads, and other moms and dads, a grandma and a bunch of kids) are taking over the 2016 Disney Princess 5k, Feb. 19th, 2016!

We’ve reserved our spots through runDisney and we’re making plans to have 3.2 miles of fun this February!

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.26.16 PMIf you’re planning on wintering in Florida and you’d like to join us, then it’s time to get your spot (see that pic above, this event is 85% sold out already)!

We’ve got a dedicated facebook group to encourage and motivate all our fellow Prince and Princesses, a shared pinterest board to swap ideas and if MB and I have anything to do with it, I’m sure there will be atleast 1 off race meet up event scheduled 😉

So, join us!  It’s going to be a Royally Grand Good Time!

0224ZX_0365PMAnd don’t forget to tune in, every Sunday night at 9pm to hear the lastest in Roadschooling and follow Mary Beth and Kimberly’s journey to Disney!

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Come See the Brand New Fulltime Families Website

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.16.50 AMWe’re unveiling a brand new look!

After month’s of redesign, we are ready to pull back the curtain on the new and improved Fulltime Families.com

The new site:

In the coming week’s we’ll be cleaning up all the old posts, updating our blog roll, and adding fun interactive social media widgets.

So please, take a minute to check out our new look and let us know what you think about in the comments section.


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Announcing a New Partnership between Fulltime Families and Escapees

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The mission of Fulltime Families is to support the needs of full time / extended time / family rvers and those seeking resources for the full time rving with kids lifestyle choice.

In the past 5 years, we’ve worked diligently to provide our members with exclusive ftf pricing on the best services and products in the marketplace.  By establishing corporate partnerships with leaders like Thousand Trails, OvernightRVParking.com, Passport America, Time4Learning, as well as small businesses to provide you excellence in Accounting Services, RV Insurance, Photography, we’ve sought to help you make the most of your adventure while saving your time and money. To see the complete list, click on our members’ benefits page.

This Spring, we are excited to roll out many new membership enhancements,  starting with our partnership with Escapees RV Club.

Escapees has been supporting the needs of RVers since 1978 and they have established an extensive network and support system, including their award winning mail forwarding services.

We are thrilled to announce that as of March 25th, 2015, Fulltime Families has entered into a full reciprocal partnership with Escapees meaning that current and future FtF members will receive a free year of Escapees online membership*.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.46.39 AM

Current Fulltime Families Members can take advantage of this offer by calling 888-757-2582 and having their Fulltime Families membership number in hand.  Don’t remember your membership number?  Email me at Kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com and I will be able to supply that for you.

Not a Fulltime Families Member yet?  It’s a great time to join, as rates will be going up next week!

Click here to join the premier resource for your full time / part time rv family organization.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.36.42 AM*Offer applies to new Escapees members only


Lippert Components Flow Down Makes the Grade

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Image-1-2As we mentioned in our previous post, we have recently renovated and upgraded our sewer equipment.   We replaced all our broken and bulky box store stuff with Lippert’s state of the art offerings.

In this post, we’ll review Lippert’s Flow Down RV Drain Support System.


You Control the Pitch

Every Black Tank Technician knows that waste is evacuated far faster when traveling down hill.  While most sewer hose support systems provide for the hose to be positioned in a downward slope, only the Flow Down gives you control to customize the pitch.  This really comes in handy when your campsite’s terrain is less than optimum.

Anyone who’s ever used extra wood, cinder blocks, anything they can find to support the hose in a higher position, will immediately recognize the design ingenuity of the Flow Down.

By adjusting the position of the pins (pictured above) you can create a steep slant from your RV to the campground’s sewer connection, thereby saving you time dumping while maintaining a steady output flow.  To see exactly how easily these adjustments can be made, be sure to watch our brief video at the end of this post.

What’s Your Angle?

Have you ever hooked up a site, only to realize that no matter which way you positioned your hose, you couldn’t get it just right.  One way left you too much slack on the ground and the other way, made your hose 2 inches too short. Gone are the days when hose supports only travel in a straight line. With the Flow Down, you can create 90 degree angles to get your position just right.


Lippert's Flow Down Makes the Grade

Lippert’s Flow Down Makes the Grade


Packs Like a Pro

As Rver’s space and weight are always at a premium.  All the sturdy, well constructed pieces of the Flow Down, come apart and fit snugly in their own carrying case (pictured above).  The system is sleek and fits well in a small spot in our basement storage.  The box store counterpart on the other hand, did not store compactly and took up a sizable foot print in our storage compartment.

So What are the Cons?

We really have fallen for the functionality and design of the Flow Down, but if we had to pick a con, it’s that the system must be disassembled for packing and reassembled for use.  While diss-assembly makes the product take us less room when packed, and reassembly is pretty quick, it does add one more thing to our list of set up and tear down procedures.

Despite this drawback, we believe the Lippert Flow Down is a solid product that will last us a long time and makes our dumping procedures as “enjoyable” as such a process could be considered.  We are very pleased with this component of our sewer makeover.  To see how it works in conjunction with our new Waste Master and 360 Siphon, click on our individual reviews of these products.

To see the Lippert Flow Down in action, just press play.

Want one of your own?  You can purchase yours at Lippert’s Waste Management Products.





Top 10 Summer Show Button

Roadschool Moms Share their Top 10 Summer RV Destinations

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No matter what your U.S. location, summer is in full swing with long days and starry nights. The Roadschool Moms team hit the pause button on their summer travel to reflect on their top ten favorite destinations in the country visited in their RV. The July 5th episode of Roadschool Moms, now in it’s fourth season, breaks down the highlights of each destination, where they stayed with their families in each location, and the educational opportunities that were found along the way. Here’s a short summary of the Roadschool Moms Top 10 Summer Destinations (in no particular order):


Bar Harbor ME1. Bar Harbor, ME This coastal town is located at the base of Cadillac Mountain and neighboring Acadia National Park. As one of the premiere North American destinations dating back to the 19th century, this area once included a Millionaire’s Row of summer estates belonging to some of the most powerful families in the history of this country. The resources that grew from that network of the rich and famous, are still apparent today in the way of museums, shoppes, and historical points of interest. The nature scene is overflowing with sport opportunities while the discovery of the beautiful surroundings is an event in itself. For more information about Bar Harbor, go to visitmaine.com.

Cody WY2. Cody, WY The natural beauty of Cody, WY, is like no other place on earth. This old west town has all the charm of yesteryear while entertaining all ages of today’s traveler. Home to Buffalo Bill, this area has a multitude of things to see including rodeos, museums, out-west activities, scenic byways, wildlife galore, and all the adventure of the great outdoors. All the details for what to see in Cody, WY can be found at yellowstonecountry.org.

lancaster3. Lancaster, PA Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country offers a wide variety of fun things to see and do in Lancaster County for all ages. Theater productions, tours, museums, amusement parks, covered bridges, and Amish activities are all on the list of favorites from previous visitors. Much of this area moves at a slower pace and centers around traditions from a different time period. Amidst the peaceful scenery in Lancaster, a unique blend of attractions, history, and opportunity to explore exists. Visit lancasterpa.com to begin the journey to a change of pace.

assateague island4. Assateague Island, VA The seashore of Assateague Island reaches 37 miles of pristine, white sandy beach and is considered one of the best beach destinations on the East Coast. Bird watching, kayaking, crabbing, fishing, and the many other outdoor activities are the daily routine of visitors to this area. The wild ponies of Assateague Island travel the beach near Chincoteague, Virginia & Ocean City, Maryland offering a grand history lesson in itself. More facts about beautiful Assateague Island, VA can be found at assateagueisland.com.

seaside5. Seaside, OR If the Oregon coast is on your radar for the summer, make plans to stay in Seaside for bonfires on the beach, beautiful summer sunsets, and more things to do than will fit on your travel calendar. While the beach if the place to play, there are so many other sights to take in such as feeding the seals and wildlife watching. Making a day of it can include exploring the galleries, festivals, coastal lighthouses, historical landmarks, and the many sports made available by Mother Nature. Stop by visittheoregoncoast.com for the scoop on Seaside, OR. And if the Oregon Coast is on your route, be sure to check out the Oregon Coast Lighthouses Study Guide in the Learning Store.

montrose co6. Montrose, CO Exploring the Black Canyon and the natural wonder of the Gunnison River is the center of this charming Colorado attraction. Local art and culture are also a treat while the thrill of nature is abundant with fishing, rafting, rock climbing and the breathtaking beauty of the area. Adventure for all ages can be found easily at coloradoinfo.com.

UP MI7. Michigan Upper Peninsula There are four beautiful seasons to enjoy the breathtaking scenery in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; however, summer can’t be beat in this area packed full of fun. If outdoor sports on the list of important area amenities, then look no further. Biking, boating, birding, hiking, golfing, and fishing can be enjoyed from sun up until sun down. The UP offers famous lighthouses, museums, historic sights, and even America’s first national seashore. If a trip to Upper Michigan in is sight, keep the calendar open because there is much to enjoy. Check out uptravel.com for more details.

Lake Thief8. Horse Thief Lake, SD In the shadows of Mount Rushmore, the rustic mountain scenery of Horse Thief Lake exists in an area where there is so much to explore, it’s hard to know where to begin! The abundance of family fun available here starts with open roads, preserved nature, world-famous roadside attractions, historic landmarks and so much more. The Black Hills of South Dakota provides the back drop for family memories that will be monumental in the memory books. The best place to begin this top summer destination is at travelsouthdakota.com.

knoxville tn9. Knoxville, TN On the banks of the Tennessee River and in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains is one of the country’s perfect summer destinations. As a neighbor to America’s most visited national park, the area offers much to see and do for all ages for as many days or weeks as are available. Here lies a quirky combination of art, music, science, nature, sports, and history that comes together for entertainment opportunity like no other. Museums, historical treasures, and attractions of all kinds make up a list that is hard to pare down when looking at the things to do list of the area. Water sports include everything from serene to extreme on the river that is so much a part of the region. To experience Knoxville, go to tnvacation.com and start making plans.

tybee island10. Tybee Island, GA Less than 20 miles from historic Savannah, GA, lies Tybee Island known as Savannah Beach. An area rich in history and natural beauty, Tybee Island really does have something to offer for everyone of all ages. Exploring the island’s beach, salty marsh, and beautiful southeastern coastline is an amazing combination of nature that provides a backdrop that is best known for birdwatching. The usual opportunities for watersports exist as well as historical points of interest but all come together with a twist of Southern charm not available anywhere else in the country. To put Tybee Island on your summer travel schedule, start out at tybeeisland.com.

Kimberly Travaglino, Fulltime Families founder, and Mary Beth Goff, creator of Road Trip Teacher, come together as the Roadschool Moms© team with one of the top educational podcasts available on iTunes. Roadschool Moms airs LIVE every Sunday night at 9 pm EST on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. For more details on Roadschool Moms Top 10 Summer Destinations, check out the July 5th episode.


Win a Week Vacation in the Winnebago Brave at a Jellystone Park!

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Have you seen those retro Winnebago Braves on the highway this summer?

They are so stinking cute!  We’ve recently caught wind that some lucky ducks can win a free week’s vacation at the Jellystone of their choice and stay in a new Brave! Maybe it will be YOU!


Click here to enter the contest and you might win an opportunity to stay in the retro 32-foot Brave at your favorite Jellystone campground.

In addition to the summer vacation grand prizes, which will be awarded to four lucky winners, ten weekly giveaways will also be awarded throughout the contest period. The winners will each receive a camping prize pack, including a Jellystone Park beach towel and bag, a Winnebago key chain and tumbler, and an RV Trader insulated cooler, valued at $70.


Good luck and Happy Camping this Summer!

Not Back to School Logo_Megan Jurvis

Now Accepting reservations for the NOT Back to School Roadschool Rally

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Not Back to School Logo_Megan JurvisYou are cordially invited to join us in

NOT sending our kids back to school this

September in Branson, MO!

Fulltime Families and The Road Trip Teacher are joining forces again for the NOT Back to School Roadschool Rally, September 10 – 13, 2015 in family friendly Branson, MO.

Instead of sending our roadschoolers back to school, we will be:

  • Not to packing lunches, but rather touring the Titanic Museum
  • Not shopping for school supplies, but rather learning about great curriculum options
  • Not talking our kids out of designer sneakers, but rather sharing information, crafting, enjoying each other’s company and having an all around awesome time!
  • Not be sending our kids to take boring school portraits, but rather cherishing priceless portraits that capture the true spirit of our students from the artistic lens of Ramble and Revel Photography

If this all sounds more fun than sending your kids back to school, then please click here to reserve your spot today!



A Review of Lippert’s Waste Master Sewer Management System

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Our Review of the Lippert Waste Master Sewer Management System

To say dumping the black is a dirty job, is an understatement in the first degree.
Now that we’ve been using our Lippert Waste Master hose for a few weeks, we can clearly see the benefits of using top of the line waste management products.


As a full time rving family, we have been going through big box store hoses at the rate of 1 every six months.  Some of the hose failures have been just a pain, like when we took our stinky slinky out of the box and realized that sun and dry rot had taken its toll and it had seen it’s last dump.  Other failures have been catastrophic and while I’ll save you the gory details, I’ll let you use your imagination when I tell you that clean up required an entire bottle of bleach and an hour long steaming hot shower.

We had resigned ourselves to poorly built hoses and mistakenly thought that all sewer hoses are equal.

When Lippert sent us the Waste Master RV Sewer Hose, Chris immediately recognized the difference.

Waste Master Hose - Color
The Fit – Unlike any RV Sewer hose on the market, the Waste Master is designed to dump your waste efficiently.   We’ll take you through from end to end as we describe this innovation in RV sewer management.  Starting with installing the hose to your existing sewer output connection, the instructions tell you to cut your existing OEM waste drainage pipe. Whoa there Nelly!  They want you do to what? Yes, you read that right, cut, with a hack saw, the hooks that you are currently using to attach your bayonet fitting on – they need to go in order, to slip on the Waste Master’s installation fixture.  This may seem extreme and in fact, it was a deal breaker when Chris first saw the Waste Master at the Quartzsite RV show this winter.

You see, we need those little hooks so we can attach our macerator pump to our waste output pipe, when we are dry camping.  Without them, it would seem we’d only be able to dump our tanks using the Waste Master. I called Lippert to brainstorm the issue with them and was told they had a bayonet fitting that could be used with their Cam Lock attachment… Problem solved.

So, what’s all this about the Cam Lock?  Why is this cutting necessary?  One of the key features of the Waste Master is the solid vacuum seal you achieve with their Cam Lock system.
As soon as you experience it, you realize how flimsy and problematic bayonet type systems could potentially be.  To see the Cam Lock in action, check out our installation video.

Solid Construction –  Straight out of the box, we instantly noticed that the Waste Master is constructed of quality materials.  The hose is highly maneuverable and yet incredibly sturdy.  The hose can be crushed and immediately springs back to its original shape.  If you’ve ever had a kid run over your sewer hose with their bike, then you know the value of this feature.
Innovative Features – One of the first things we noticed is the Waste Master has an “exo-skeleton”.  Where the majority of hoses on the market have their ring supports housed within the hose, the Waste Master designed this hose with the supports outside.  Why is this important?  This design advancement allows the inside of the hose to be completely smooth, allowing the waste to flow easier and faster down the tube.  The smooth inner walls also prevents waste from getting stuck inside the hose.  Want to get completely grossed out?  Go check out how much waste is still sitting in your hose right now.

One of the key upgrades you’ll notice on this hose is on the end you place in the campground’s sewer inlet, a teal colored handled outlet with a rubber donut (which can be removed and replaced).  This end of the hose is actually loaded with features to help you out when it’s fully loaded!

A clear window at this end of the hose, removes all the second guessing that goes with this delicate job. With other hoses, you know when the tank is empty, but do you when the hose is empty?  With the waste master, a quick peek in the potty portal right there at the end, shows you when the fluids are running clear through the entire hose. Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.50.05 PM

The handle makes you the master of the disaster.  No more trying to line up the hose with the sewer with just two fingers, barely touching the end of the pipe.  Now you’ve got a sturdy handle on the situation allowing you to get a great fit on this end as well.

Have an issue that needs some immediate action?  No need to run back to your RV waste handles, you can control and shut off the flow, right there at the end of the hose!

Now you know what we love about our new Waste Master (trust me, Lippert doesn’t want it back) but to give you the full picture, we need to add some of cons we discovered too.

While we love the control the handle end provides, the truth is, it makes the hose bulky to pack up.  As a full time rving family, space is at a premium, so packing up the Waste Master has required us to remove some other things from our Sewer Tools box.  If you’re currently using the four inch bumper hose storage or a PVC storage system, you’ll need to find a new hose housing.  The Waste Master will not fit in there, as the handle end can not be removed.

You may not feel comfortable cutting off those hooks off your original sewer outlet.


This system only works with other Lippert Components so if you need an extension or other accessories / fittings, you’ll need to purchase them from a Lippert Dealer or Lippert’s own website.

Even with these drawbacks, we believe the Lippert Waste Master is a solid product that will last us a long time and makes our dumping procedures as “enjoyable” as such a process could be considered.  We are very pleased with this component of our sewer makeover.  To see how it works in conjunction with our new Flow Down and 360 Siphon, click on our individual reviews of these products.

Want one of your own?  Lippert is offering Fulltime Families Readers an exclusive offer* on their Waste Management Products for a limited time.

*Use promo code FulltimeFamilies (no space) by July 10 to get 10% off when you spend $150 or more on Lippert Components waste management products.
*This 10% off Waste Master/Waste Management code can be used one time only and one per customer. Discount is only valid on purchases over $150 or more that include products from Lippert Components Waste Management product line. Coupon applies to orders before tax and shipping. Discount will appear on the billing page before submitting the order. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer only applies to retail customers. Offer ends July 10, 2015, at midnight ET.
*Subject to limitations or restrictions.
Products and prices subject to change. Offer, products and prices may not be available for international customers.

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