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Member’s Benefits Increases and Resource Releases

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Fulltime Families Brokers Two New Member’s Benefit, New Resources and
Completes Website Overhaul

Anywhere, USA – Fulltime Families, the membership and support resource for full-time RVing families and those interested in exploring the full-time RV lifestyle, announced two new major member’s benefits, the release of two new powerful resources and a complete redesign of their flagship Web property, FulltimeFamilies.com.

Two New Member’s Benefits:

On behalf of their membership, Fulltime Families (FtF) brokered deals with both RV Trader and The RVer Insurance Exchange.

RV Trader, one of the nation’s premier online RV marketplaces, is offering Fulltime Families members $20 off the 12-week, top-of-the-line RV ad placement option on RV Trader.com. This benefit allows members to post 20 pictures and one video of their unit for sale, as well as receive premium placement in search results and a special feature on the homepage. Sellers who post their RV for sale on the website can also choose from a variety of other options to better showcase their RV to potential buyers, making the upgrade process even easier!  The promo code for this exclusive offer is listed in the Members Benefits section of FulltimeFamilies.com

The RVer Insurance Exchange, a website dedicated to helping RVers become informed insurance shoppers while at the same time connecting them to insurance experts whom specialize in products for the nomadic lifestyle has also entered into an agreement with Fulltime Families.  They will be providing members with insurance quotes for all their underwriting needs including:
and Vehicle Insurance

Perhaps the most exciting part of this agreement is the Telemedicine Option FtF Members will now have access to at a significantly reduced rate. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication (phone/Skype) in order to provide clinical health care and prescriptions at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in travel lifestyles.
With the RVer Insurance Exchange’s telemedicine plan FtF Members will have access to UNLIMITED virtual doctor visits so that they can save both time and money when in  need of consult with a doctor or nurse.
Family plans are available at a rate of $16.95 per month.  For more information visit: http://www.rverinsurance.com/welcome-fulltime-families/

In addition to these Member’s Benefits enhancements, this fall, Kimberly Travaglino, co-founder of FtF is releasing two essential tools for families seeking the full-time RV lifestyle.

Two New Resources

“How to Hit the Road; Making Your Family’s Full-Time RV Dreams a Reality” has been wildly successful since it’s release in 2011.  The 2015 Revised edition, set to hit shelves and virtual bookstores across the Internet, September 1, 2015, has been completely updated with more in-depth information for preparing your family emotionally, financially, and logistically for a full-time travel lifestyle.

Also on September 1st, a companion guide, “Our Journey Journal” will be released. This professionally designed one-of-a-kind journal has prompts and spaces for families to record the story of their most daring adventure, their launch into a full-time RV journey. Both print on demand and spiral bound editions have pages to record bucket lists, RV shopping notes, launch dates and milestones along the way.  “Our Journey Journal” is a powerful tool for this transitional time and will also serve as a place to record the details of families adventures and ultimately will become a treasured family keepsake.

Both books come with downloadable budget worksheets, packing lists, and free lifetime e-updates.
To take advantage of the pre-sale discount on these resources visit: http://fulltimefamilies.com/press-releases/presale-announcement-how-to-hit-the-road-and-our-journey-journal-bundle/

One Great Place to Find It All

To highlight these new benefits and resources, as well as all the logistical support Fulltime Families, the recognized leader in full-time rving with children, provides, the FulltimeFamilies.com Website has been completely redesigned.  The new streamlined highly engaging, experience, allows users to easily find the information their seeking.  With a fully responsive mobile design, readers can access the latest information for traveling families across any device platform.


What does Life on the Road look like for a kid

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Life on the road as a full time rv kid does have it’s ups and downs but as this video suggests, the potential for learning, living and exploring the world around you is exponential for a roadschooler.


Meet Dominick, the oldest roadschooler in our rig.

Dominick’s life on the road began in June 2010.

Since then he’s visited 39 states, traveled over 100K miles and experienced some of the most amazing things this country has to offer.
He has made great friends with other traveling kids and has shared some of these experiences with them.

Dominick is looking forward to getting his drivers license and his own rig so he can follow us down the road.

We are blessed to be his parents. He’s sense of justice, empathy for others, spirit of adventure and creative mind make him a joy to be with.

We invite you in for this glimpse of what life as a 12 year old full-timer looks like and share it with your kids.

Our Family of Workampers

Confessions of a Workamping Family

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ok, I’ll admit it…

Our Family of Workampers

Our Family of Workampers after a hard day of work


I wish I could put my finger on exactly what drew me to the opportunity.

I know for certain it wasn’t my first impression that we should pack up and drag our family and our stuff from the bottom of the lower 48 to the absolute top.

When I first saw the post on Fulltime Families FB Group, I remember skimming past it with not so much as a second glance.

We were parked in Lazydays KOA in Tucson and we had just wrapped up the 2014 Roadschool Convention, literally 24 hours prior.  After a whirlwind of 4 days of sharing curriculum choices, seminars, discussion panels, and square dancing like a cowgirl with 300 full time rving (present and future) friends, making other people’s beds and cleaning public toilets was the absolute last thing on my radar.

Then 5 minutes later I was standing in the middle of Rally Alley with Tammy Allen, our Murder Mystery Coordinator, and she said, “I see Christine posted a wanted post for Workamping up by Glacier.  We were their workamping family last year and we loved it!  I just made a couple of beds and we loved spending two months in that beautiful area”.

“I just made a couple of beds”
Those words would ring in my ears while I pleaded with and strong armed sheets into submission, hovering over 6 foot in the air, while simultaneously ducking and weaving before I inevitably smashed my head on the cabin’s rafters.  But more on that later…


Here I am “Just Making Beds”

Something about Tammy’s testimony, how she painted a picture of calling “The Crown of the Continent” your backyard for the summer, resonated deeply in my soul and before I knew it, I was talking an unsuspecting Chris into the opportunity and on the phone with Christine, the owner of Timber Wolf Resort in Hungary Horse, Montana.

It was so thrilling to APPLY for the position.  Friends wished us luck! Tammy and another FtF Family made themselves available as references.  After years of being ‘just’ self employed, we were on pins and needles waiting to see if we’d made the cut.  Were we qualified enough to clean toilets, make beds and do some general maintenance and upkeep.  I say this tongue in cheek, but we really were sweating it.


Pre Season Picnic Table Painting

Would someone else with more (really any – since we had none) workamper experience be the obvious choice?

It was an exhilarating week as we waited to see if we’d get the job and have to start mapping out a route to what I would soon start referring to as the “Top of the World”.


Who Doesn’t Love a Ride On Mower?


First and foremost, it had been nagging at me that my kids had no concrete activities other than the rallies, to attribute our financial support to.  As they asked for expensive items and experiences, I began to suspect that they thought we ‘printed money’ straight out of our computers at night while they slept.

Traveling for four years and working on the internet had robbed our children of exposure to manual labor.  Sure they have chores in the camper, but unlike sustaining a home, there is no lawn to mow, no multiple bathrooms to clean and no large remodeling projects going on in their world.

They never saw us leave for work.  There was no commute time eating away at our day.  We didn’t have to apply for vacation time and we no longer lived in fear of the words “downsizing”.

When we first headed out, I anticipated giving back by going to storm torn areas and helping with rebuilding efforts but I quickly learned that as a family with young children, opportunities for us to work together as I had imagined it, were not available to us.


Taming some of the Natural Ambiance

Workamping would be a great way to teach our kids to serve others.  To work together with others towards a common goal.

I also anticipated using this experience as a motivator. The reality of our world is, if you are unskilled and uneducated, your options shrink and you could find yourself with no other opportunities except cleaning toilets… so do your homework!


Within a week, Christine had alerted us that the position was ours if we wanted it.  For that week, I had learned everything one could learn about Hungry Horse and the West Entrance of Glacier National Park, so it seemed inevitable that we would accept and commit to 28 hours per week (shared between Chris and myself) for two months, specifically June 1st through August 1st.

We mapped a route north out of Tucson that included Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, some Vegas Strip, a visit to the Golden Spike in Promontory, Utah and digging for opals in Spencer, ID.

We arrived in Hungry Horse a day early and set up in an empty campground, save the other workamping couple.  Those first two weeks were actual ‘pre season’ so our early jobs consisted of painting picnic tables, landscaping, replacing and moving mattresses around in cabins, cleaning clean bathrooms and learning the ropes.


Cleaning out Fire Rings


Ultimately we were responsible for the cleanliness and light maintenance of 15 cabins (half of which had linens and electricity, the other half only had covered mattresses and no electric), 8 tent sites, 24 RV Sites, 2 Bed and Breakfast Bedrooms, 1 Comfort Station  containing 3 toilets, 1 urinal, 4 showers and 4 sinks and 1 public restroom containing 4 toilets, 1 urinal, 4 showers and 4 sinks.


Here’s one of the daily chore lists.

Each day we received a check out list marked with the number of sheets and towels we’d need to pack up to change the linens in the newly vacated cabins / B&B rooms, and which public restroom facilities we were charged with.
Also marked were the campsites and tent sites that required cleaning.

We loaded our golf cart with a huge tub of fresh linens, an empty laundry sack, a broom,  a caddy full of cleaning supplies, a shop vac, and a mop.

On days that there were two workamping teams (us and Cheryl & Terry) the lists were split evenly and each team was responsible for 1 of the bathrooms.


Timber Wolf Clean Up Crew

Each workamper team had two days per week off. The seven day breakdown looked like this:

Day 1 – both teams; list split
Day 2 – both teams; list split
Day 3 – A Team  on (B team off); Responsible for all checkouts and both bathrooms
Day 4 – A Team  on (B team off); Responsible for all checkouts and both bathrooms
Day 5 – both teams; list split
Day 6 – B Team  on (A team off); Responsible for all checkouts and both bathrooms
Day 7 – B Team  on (A team off); Responsible for all checkouts and both bathrooms

So essentially two days per week, we were responsible for the entire list, three days a week we split the work with the other workamper team, and the last two days were our days off.


Stripping the beds, note the gloves.

After having been beholden to no one for over 4 years and working our own very flexible self employed schedules, we had gotten ‘soft’ and reporting for duty was a struggle, even at 10am!  I know, you’re reading this and saying… 10am!!!!  Welcome to the real world +  3 extra hours of  sleep you baby! But in our defense, in order to spend our days with our kids, Chris and I often work at night.  Some nights, we work until 2 or 3 am.  We’re usually up by 10am the following morning, but we’re definitely not dressed and ready to head out the door! and if by some small miracle we can accomplish that, there’s no way we can do it two consecutive days in a row, let alone FIVE!!!

But for five consecutive days, we smashed snooze on our alarm until 9:55, brushed our teeth and headed to take make beds and scrub toilets.

Are you wondering if I did this in my pajamas?  Yes, I can imagine that would be the logical conclusion since we only allotted ourselves 5 minutes of get ready time, but as it turns out, a mop, or a broom, or even a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex has the mystical effect of turning someone invisible so it doesn’t matter if I was naked, no one would see me anyway!


Hey Look… I’m invisible

Who knew!  Being ‘the help’ means your more often than not overlooked and discounted. What a lesson in humility.  I know now how guilty I am of overlooking cleaning and maintenance workers or rather, looking through these support personnel.

But back to what we did every day.

After we received the list, I packed my workamper cart and Chris headed out to clean out all the tent and rv sites.  He’d meet me when he was done with that to help out with the rest of the list.

My responsibilities started with the cabins.  The majority of these 10 x 10 adorable gnome like structures housed three beds (two firmly planted on the wood plank floors, and one precariously perched (that’s a total exaggeration but that’s how it felt) over 6 feet in the air (that is not an exaggeration, I measured it).

Sheets required stripping, quilts were aired out, the mini fridge was emptied of any left over food stuffs and wiped down.  All surfaces were sanitized with a blue solution that promised to kill every living amoeba within the three surrounding counties (which is something you definitely want to be working with when all the sudden the word “Staph” comes up – its either the blue stuff or you might be tempted to burn the cabin down and rebuild daily).


Kiddie Workampers

The floors were swept, vacuumed, and later on in the season, mopped. The outside porches were swept and de-cobwebbed, all burnt remnants were removed from the fire pits, garbage was removed and waste baskets were re-lined with fresh bags.

Some days were light with only 2 or 3 cabins requiring our attention.  Other days were crazy with 6 or 7 cabins recently vacated.  On average, 4 cabins would be on our sheet.

After the cabins, the Bed and Breakfast rooms were turned over in a similar fashion, fresh sheets, fresh towels, fresh surfaces.

Then it was bathroom time.  Whether the Comfort Station of the B&B Public Restroom was on your list (and remember two days a week you were responsible for both) the restrooms lent themselves to the greatest adventure of your day.

We never knew what we would discover within the stalls.  Most days, Tonia would announce, “I think today’s the day we’ll find the dead body – I just feel it, Mom”.

Here was another rude awakening… Had I really been that person?  The person who thinks its someone else’s job to clean up behind me, when my paper towel drops off the top of the waste paper basket on to the floor.  Or the person who thinks its ok to leave the shower a sopping wet mess, despite the fact that the proprietors have provided the tools (in this case a little mop) and the suggestion to leave the shower nice for the next person.  And the unfortunate answer was “Yes”.  I had been that person.
And now that I was cleaning up after people like me, I felt it was really only karma.  Karma and a lesson in redemption.  Knowing what I know now about cleaning public restrooms, I can say I will forever be a model bathroom customer.


DJ was in charge of replacing all the top bunk pillows

Right about here in my day is when Tammy’s “I just made a couple of beds” would replay in my mind and I wondered if much like the pains of childbirth, memories of hard labor are blurred in one’s mind as the months go by, leaving only brief glimpses of some less exhaustive tasks and the good times one had spent adventuring in one of God’s most stupendous of landscapes.

I believe there is some merit to the above theory, so I’ve chosen to document my experience here.  If that’s the case and my memory will in fact wane, then I can refer back to this blog post.

In addition to these daily duties, the kids wanted to be responsible for the owners horses, so we took over the pm feedings.  I was impressed that they had asked for additional responsibilities and how dedicated they were to the task.  Every night, the feeding ritual was one of the highlights of their day.


Dominick and Mystery



The short answer is, Yes.

We all took great pride in being a part of a beautiful resort and helping the resort’s guest have an enjoyable stay and make priceless memories with their own family’s.

As I had hoped, my children did not relish scrubbing toilets and have committed themselves to their studies in a way I could not have achieved without this experience.

Chris and I worked together as a team on a daily basis and strengthened our communication skills by doing so.


Tearing down the old playground. I’m almost positive they had no idea this was ‘work’

The two months we spent as a Workamping Family gave us all a new appreciation of each other, our time, our talents and reminded us how amazing our lives are.
It was a great experience that our family will reflect on and share with others for all our years to come.  I can already hear hints of those tales starting with “remember when we were workamping at that place in Montana…”


Author’s Note:

As an aside, I should mention that Phil and Christine have graciously agreed to be our Charter FtF Family Friendly Campground and welcome you and your family to their beautiful resort.  If Glacier NP is in your travel plans, I highly recommend you use Timber Wolf Resort as your base of exploration.


Christine, Owner of Timber Wolf Resort, applying her FTF Family Friendly Campground Decal.


Rainy Day Roadschool Show Button

Top 5 Things to Do with Roadschoolers on Rainy Days

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Rainy Day Roadschool Show Button

Someone once said “If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.” That’s just another great example of the ways the Roadschool Mom‘s team encourages you to change your perspective! This week, while so much of the country is being showered with record-breaking amounts of rain, we are sharing our top five tips for rainy days with roadschoolers! The key to successful rainy days in your rig is to be prepared! By stashing away a few secret treats or getting reacquainted with forgotten treasures, your gang will start looking forward to rainy days.

Hold a Movie Marathon. Take this opportunity to stay in your pajamas and watch back-to-back movies and sequels. Some of our family favorites are:

  • Back to the Future
  • Shrek
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Ghostbusters
  • Home Alone
  • Toy Story

Organize a Board Game Battle. Get out the board games and challenge everyone in the rig to stay unplugged for the day. A rotation of favorite card games can also provide lots of fun. If games aren’t your thing, gather around the table with a jig saw puzzle. Invite all to work together to complete it in one day. Local Good Will stores always have a great selection of board games and puzzles so pick up a few and stash them away for your next rainy day.

Break out coloring and craft projects. Rainy days are perfect for making progress on those long forgotten craft projects. If coloring is more your speed, gather all the crayons, markers, and colored pencils together with your roadschoolers and let the fun begin. Did you know there are even coloring books for adults? Make a point to pick up a few at the local bookstore and put them away for the next indoor retreat from the rain. Hit play on your favorite classical music and let the inner artists out in your roadschool crew.

Utilize downtime for reorganizing and indoor weeding. Living small requires the perpetual process of purging. Use the next rainy day to get your roadschoolers involved in the reorganization and indoor weeding of your rig. Pick a cabinet. Empty it and resolve to put only one-half of it back. Nothing occupies kids like the stuff they have not seen for awhile! Take this uninterrupted time to go through books, old family photographs, office supplies, or even past roadschool projects. Let them explore, re-create and help you pare down the space around them.

Play in the rain. Rainy days do not have to be spent indoors. Break out the rain gear and go out for a soggy, silly play date. Splash in puddles, go on a nature walk, play a slippery game of catch or engage in a water gun fight. Your kids will love burning off that extra energy and declare you the coolest mom on the road!

By using just a little imagination and some tools already in your home, the next rainy day can be turned into a memorable day of family fun!

To hear more about spending rainy days with roadschoolers, catch the replay here: http://ultimateradioshow.com/5-things-to-do-on-rainy-days-with-roadschoolers/ or tune in to Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

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The Great PUSH to 1000 Members Strong – Win a GoPro

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.05.35 PM

It’s our final push to 1000 members strong and to celebrate we’re giving away a GoPro to one lucky, active member* of Fulltime Families.

Film your adventure in full HD with a GoPro! GoPro Cameras are small, portable cameras that are specifically designed for sports and other similar extreme activities where every single second recording is valuable. Unlike any normal camera, GoPro HD allows you to capture the entirety of your activity and not just the selected or few “posed moments”.  It has a long battery life capable of recording continuously 2.5 hours of that exciting and fun-packed once-in-a-lifetime moment. It also has room for a 32GB SD card making it capable for taking and storing tons of footage in one go.

From now, until member 1000, each active member* of Fulltime Families will be automatically entered into the drawing for a brand new GoPro, the World’s Most Versatile Camera.

New members, registering between now and member 1000, will also receive an entry!


Want to earn extra entries? Consider the following:

  • Add our button to your blog.  Send us an email to kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com when it’s ready.
  • Use your affiliate link to refer new members. Earn one extra entry for each referral.
  • Tell us why you love FtF!  Send an email to kimberly@fulltimefamilies.com.

If you’ve been waiting to join, now’s the perfect time!  The drawing will take place within 24 hours of our 1000 member, live on our FTF Members Only Facebook Group.


*An active member is defined as an Fulltime Families Member with an unexpired membership.  This includes Annual, Lifetime and Charter Members.

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PreOrder Your T-shirt for the 2015 Not Back to School Roadschool Rally

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Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.10.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.18.15 PM



We are now accepting Pre-Orders for the Official 2015 Not Back to School Roadschool Rally T-shirts.

Ladies Tee is available in : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Mens Tes is available in : S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and Youth Sizes: YXS, YS, YM, YL, YXL

Within 24 hrs after you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

Due to the custom nature of these shirts, we will NOT have extras available for sale during the event.

If you’d like a t-shirt, please place the order through the form below.



Complete your order here:

2015 Not Back to School Rally Ladies T-Shirt / Orange
2015 Not Back to School Rally Ladies T-Shirt / Orange
Price: $0.00
Size :
2015 Not Back to School Roadschool Rally Mens T-Shirt / Charcoal
2015 Not Back to School Roadschool Rally Mens T-Shirt / Charcoal
Price: $0.00
Size :




Dealing with NaySayers and Negative Nelly’s

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Naysayers Show ButtonAnyone that has ever aspired to be anything less than traditional has been faced with discouragement in one form or another. If you live in an RV fulltime and homeschool your kids, chances are you have already traveled on Negativity Highway with friends and family members. In a world where many look to others for the measurement of success, it is easy to follow the dreams of another. Commonly, achievements of the modern American family are based on the size of a house, the level of participation in extracurricular activities, and estimated annual income as evidenced by beautiful pictures on social media accounts.

As a fulltime traveling roadschool mom, I have faced my fair share of naysayers. In the beginning, I was respectful and complacent. I listened to the many forms of less than encouraging words and looked away from the faces of disapproval. To be honest, sometimes I wondered why in the world I wasn’t satisfied with the rat race that everyone else seemed to be enjoying. For many months, I tried to paint the picture of my life so that others would see it in the same light. When I came across this quote from author, John Eliot, I was immediately inspired:

History shows us that the people who end up changing the world – the great political, social, scientific, technological, artistic, even sports revolutionaries – are always nuts, until they are right, and then they are geniuses.

From that day, I found these five ways to intentionally CRUSH the naysayers from my everyday life:

Consider the source. I take a close look at cynical conversation and quickly analyze if I want to be where that person is in his or her life. If the person I am talking to is not an expert or has experience in the subject, I discount the advice being given. I do not let someone steer me down the path of their own dreams or more importantly, away from their own fears. A short evaluation of the naysayer’s background will undoubtedly lead you in the opposite direction.

Remember your vision. Think about your dreams. Tackle your fears. The best way to do all of these things is to surround yourself with enablers. Instead of facing negativity, invest your time with positivity. How can you expect to do amazing things unless you have amazing dreams? Reflect on your past, concentrate on the present, and look to the future while always keeping the prize in focus.

Understand your position. You are the person who holds the key to your destiny. Decide who you want to be, not what you want to be. Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will get you there.” By developing a strong sense of who you are and the goals you have for yourself, following a clear path to success will come naturally.

Safeguard your aspirations by keeping your goals from the killjoy that is waiting to tear apart your ambitions. Naysayers are skeptical in nature and will do nothing more than inject negative energy into your otherwise positive existence. They will point out all the horror stories that may possibly occur while weighing you down with emotional baggage. Your dreams are precious, keep them safe and free from the suffocation of a wet blanket.

Have faith.When I intentionally activate my faith, I am reminded that I will persevere. I am aware of my fears but do not let them serve as a guide to where I go or will not go. Fear is only faith that something will not work out. Do not let the naysayers voice of gloom snuff out the spark that ignites the fire of your dreams. Energize yourself with faith and carry on!

There will be trials and tribulations in everyday life. Routinely, road blocks will require detours in the journey ahead. Being intentional in achieving your goals and crushing naysayers from your immediate future will put keep you moving in the right direction of your dreams.

To hear more about tuning out the naysayers in your life and how Mary Beth and Kimberly handled this issue themselves click here: http://ultimateradioshow.com/dealing-with-nay-sayers-and-negative-nellies/

This episode produced by Forge Fire Media.  The Roadschool Moms recommend Forge Fire Media for your audio needs.

Roadschool Moms is a live, one-hour weekly broadcast dedicated to the needs and challenges facing today’s roadschool moms. Kimberly Travaglino, of Fulltime Families, and Mary Beth Goff, the Road Trip Teacher, team up every week to offer listeners a fresh take on homeschooling while traveling full time, working in current events and featuring a mix of expert guests.

What will yours be filled with?

Presale Announcement: How to Hit the Road and Our Journey Journal Bundle

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Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.35.27 AM

All spring and most of this summer, I’ve been working on completely redesigning my best selling book, “How to Hit the Road; Making Your Family’s Full Time RV Dreams a Reality” and the release date for this completely revamped edition is finally set for September 1st, 2015.

I couldn’t be more proud with all the enhancements and updates this new version includes.  For years I’ve been collecting readers’ feedback:

“I love all the options you provide for each stage in preparing my family to launch our full time rv life, but I’m really interested in what YOU did.  Can you tell me how you personally handle things like adhering to homeschool laws and how you finally chose the RV that fit your family?”

Each section of HTHTR Revised Edition now includes a “What the Traveling Travaglino’s Did” so we can share exactly what worked and what we would have done differently.

“You list a lot of options for making money on the road, but what have you seen families have the most success with?”

In the “How Can We Afford This” section, I’ve listed the opportunities that I’ve seen many families successfully support themselves with.  I also include the proven, trusted resources and providers of those opportunities.

I’ve added Family Activity Guides to help encourage your family to set goals together to achieve this dream.

I’ve doubled the “We’ve Made it; Now What” section, including information on:


And while I am thrilled with the this new version, I am busting with the spin off project that came out of this overhaul.

For years, I’ve wished for the perfect journal where I could record exactly why I felt compelled to uproot my family from all that was known and comfortable and trade our old life for all the uncertainty of life on the road.  A book that would challenge me to answer the questions that really mattered, to distill what I really wanted my life with my family to look like.  A book that spoke of not only what we hoped to achieve, but what we (all of us) gave up to pursue this life.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.57.17 AM


Where, in my own hand writing, I would be able to convey my hopes and fears and dreams and aspirations.  A place to record our bucket list and accomplishments, with space to record contact information for people we crossed paths with.  A place to prepare for our journey that would stand the test of time and become a treasured keepsake.

This idea churned in my mind for several years, and then a designer who could bring it to fruition appeared.  Megan Jurvis, fellow full time traveling mom and graphic designer extraordinaire, assembled the scattered jottings and renderings of a tattered notebook into a work of art.

The result is “Our Journey Journal; How we made our full time rv dreams come true” a stunning professionally designed and typeset journal where you can record the events of this critical time.

What will yours be filled with?

What will yours be filled with?

“Our Journey Journal” is a one of a kind journal for the trail blazing family.
The prompts in this book have been thoughtfully compiled to help you and your loved ones, with each step of this lifestyle transition.
You’re about to embark on a huge adventure and within these pages is your place to record:
your reasons
your hopes
your desires
your impressions
your reservations
your achievements
your downsizing efforts
your bucket list
your packing guide
your budget
your home on wheels shopping experiences
and ultimately your launch.
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.02.48 PM
With timelines, interactive projects, worksheets and places to include family photos, this book can be the catalyst to a whole new life for you.
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.03.30 PM
Journaling and preserving your impressions through your own hand writing now, will help motivate you through the more challenging times and will surely become a treasured keepsake for generations to come.
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.01.35 PM
Give yourself, your family and your future generations the gift of your insight into the aspects that encouraged you all to take this leap of faith and the steps that allowed you to realize this monumental goal.
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.02.13 PM
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 2.01.55 PM

We are currently taking pre-orders for these companion books.  For a limited time, you can get both the revised edition of “How to Hit the Road” and “Our Journey Journal” at an introductory sale price.

Choose Your Bundle

e-Bundle, formatted for your e-reader and print your Journey Journal on demand.

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360 Siphon Keeps Your RV Smelling Sweet

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One not so fun, aspect of living full time in your RV is dealing with RV sewer odors INSIDE your home.  Some people try to combat these with chemicals, others use scent masking techniques like candles, air fresheners, handing out clothespins to guests…  While some of these might be effective (and painful) they don’t actually address the real issue, which is ineffective venting.
Believe it or not, your holding tanks, both black and grey, have vents on the roof of your RV.    Many contain vent caps which do more to keep out moisture and rain than to actually handle odors.
Enter the 360 Siphon RV Holding Tank Cap from Lippert Components.

Unlike traditional  / standard vent caps, the 360 actually creates a vacuum, sucking odors out of your rv and eliminating offensive smells  odors from your living space.  The updraft that is created leads to an oxygen rich atmosphere, breaking down waste at a faster rate.  You’ll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air when using the 360 Siphon.

Gases are drawn outside leaving the RV living space smelling fresh
Creates an air vacuum
Eliminates odor from the holding tanks
Creates an oxygen-rich environment that speeds up waste breakdown
Contains built-in bug screen
Works in any wind condition
Made of strong polycarbonate material
Easy install*
Universal fit
Comes in both white and black
Distributed and shipped by Lippert components which is well known in the RV community
Made in America
More expensive than standard vent cap
Requires other supplies such as caulk gun, dicor roof sealant.
*Check out our 360 Siphon Installation Video to see just how easy this component is to install.

To see our entire Sewer System Makeover click here: http://fulltimefamilies.com/featured-1/our-sewer-makeover/

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Is an FtF Event a Good Fit for your Family?

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 Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.02.34 AM
Test your knowledge about the upcoming Fulltime Families Rally with this POP Quiz!
1. The Rally is for seniors only and kids are not encouraged to come.
False of course – This is THE family event you will be talking about all year.
2. I have to know the people attending to have a good time.
Also false! Come as strangers – leave as good friends you’ll drive thousands of miles out of your way to see again.
3. We have to live full time in our camper to attend.
Absolutely not – but I can’t promise you won’t wish you do when you leave.
4. We need an RV to attend.
Wrong again – there are tent sites / cabins are also available
So, what are you waiting for?  Reserve your spot today!
Want to see all the fun from past rallies?


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